Accelerate User Adoption

Deliver faster on-boarding and higher engagement with an online user experience that’s easy and intuitive

Simplify Training & Support

Minimize support calls and streamline training with contextual help, videos, best practices and tutorials

Promote Governance & Policies

Reinforce guidance and compliance on business processes, in the user interface where the content lives


Click the Panda

Empower your users by delivering self service help, support and training content "in-context" & "on-demand"

We've trained over 500,000 people and these are just a few of our customer's who instantly humanized their user experience with Content Panda

What people are saying about Content Panda

“Content Panda’s in-context tools do a great job of bringing SharePoint help and training right into the user interface, where it’s needed in-context.”
— Jeremy Thake, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure App Service, Microsoft Corporation