Accelerate User Adoption

Instantly increase your end user’s confidence and skill by bringing help content and training to them exactly when and where they need it directly inside the SharePoint user interface.

Content Panda for SharePoint & Office 365 provides users guidance in their day-to-day tasks by offering a variety of in-context training materials to match their learning preference. 

Whether they’re submitting a leave request or creating a new team site, users can just "click the panda" to access a variety of tools to help them consume information via tooltips, videos, step-by-step guides, or computer based training.

See how Content Panda puts the answers to "How do I?" questions directly inside the Office 365 and SharePoint user interface. No searching, no adding a support ticket - self-service help content right where a user needs it, at their fingertips. Just click the panda.

Content Panda for SharePoint & Office 365 creates confident users by giving them in-depth, flexible help and training—whenever and wherever they need it.

We foster confident, self-empowered users who:

  • Consume your corporate information instead of searching

  • Rate content to learn what is most effective

  • Leverage more SharePoint & Office 365 features


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Sharepoint end user adoption eBook