New Hire On-Boarding Tips and Tricks Using Content Panda

As a Chief Marketing Officer, it is my job to work cross-functionally with human resources to uphold and promote the company brand promise. Attracting new talent and keeping long time employees is everyone’s job on the executive level. Many companies have terrific on-boarding programs, some do not. Your on-boarding or new employee orientation (NEO) starts before the employee walks through the door. It starts at your website and your careers page and it ends at your new employee sitting down for their first task at hand. New hires must understand your vision and values and be able to use the technology that your company has invested in to create a collaborative, productive environment from day 0 or you are wasting time and money.

This past week we put together a webinar to highlight some tips and tricks to spark some ideas for your on-boarding program as well as support your efforts around new hire SharePoint Training.

I hope you enjoy the webinar recording. Below we’ve listed the links to the ideas we referenced in the presentation.

1. 100 Days of Happiness - Dmitry Golubnichy, who was born in Ukraine and now lives in Switzerland, said he thought his challenge would be more effective if he made it public so that he would feel the "social pressure" from friends and family to stick to his plan. He created a simple hashtag — #100happydays — and in late October, he took to his Instagram account @dimochkino to post one picture a day of something that made him happy, from food and travel to friends and loved ones.

Think about adding this concept into your NEO plans, 100 small items for 100 days for your team. Call on a customer, lunch with an executive, coffee with customer support team.

2. Value, Vision and Knowing Your Why – If you and your executive team haven’t read Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, take the time to do so. You can also see his wonderful TED Talk – Start With Why. When employees and customers viscerally connect to your vision and you know why you do what you do and blend it into everything you do – you will create rabid fans. You want that when people see your website, your brand, your products.

Sinek explains, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” For a new employee to drop into and believe in your culture they need to understand the “why” – vision, mission and values. They will then help with the “how” pushing out the products and services that you bring to the world.

3. Leadership/Mentorship – Executives and leadership teams being a part of on-boarding is at an all-time high. New employees have more access now than ever before to executive teams through LinkedIn, social media and the flattening of many organizational charts and millennials expect to have access to their bosses. Tony Hsieh, from Zappos has a terrific book called Delivering Happiness, which goes deep into Zappos’s NEO tactics that showcase some bold concepts that deliver on the promise of how an emphasis on corporate culture and leaders being an active part of on-boarding leads to unprecedented success.

4. Technology – You’ve taken your next set of new hires through your on-boarding and they’ve gone through technology training. A new person on your team, for example, is all set. He has signed his paperwork, knows where to find the office supplies, and has gone through tech training. You’ve sent him his first task - to go edit some documents on your SharePoint site, create a new view for the marketing team and push the document through a workflow. You need this done by end of day. Its now tomorrow and nothing. You go and ask him if he got the email. He starts to make up an excuse but then stops and says, “I know we just took the training and I’ve sort of used SharePoint before but I can’t remember how to… and the out of the box help just didn’t give me the answer I needed.”

This happens all the time and is the reason we created Content Panda - to help SharePoint users access the help and training content they need when they need it, inside the UI, right at the task at hand. Take a look at the demo in the webinar we created specifically for using Content Panda during the technology training portion of your NEO and how you can use SharePoint to create a NEO portal. See how you can use Content Panda as the technology underpinning to a successful on-boarding program.

Hope you enjoy the webinar and please join our series for the next one on November 19 - The Road to Awesome SharePoint Adoption in Your Organization.