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Truths are universal. They cross borders, leap fences and share common denominators. I was thrilled to be asked to headline the European SharePoint Conference Women in Technology lunch last month in Stockholm. We had over 100 women come for a packed house event. After my talk I think every woman who attended either shook my hand, hugged me or kissed me on the cheek, European style, and thanked me for my candor. It was humbling and lovely. 

Two women waited until everyone else had left to tell me that what I had said would be the inspiration to make the changes that they had been meaning to make in their lives. You never know sometimes how what you say and do will affect people, so you speak from the heart and hope for the best.  That immediate feedback was amazing.

Instead of talking about the session I figure I’d share my slides from the talk along with the Periscope recording so that you may get a sense of what it was like to be there.

Thank you to Tracy O’Connell and the entire European SharePoint Conference staff, for having me there - they put on a classy, first rate lunch for the women of their conference and I’m very proud to have kicked off this tradition for ESPC. I’m thrilled to tell you that I’ve been invited back to headline the ESPC16 WIT lunch next November in Vienna, Austria.

If you would like to become an author for our IT Unity Women in Technology Community Site, please click here and fill in your information and I will personally contact you and get you set up.

“Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.”  #ROAR

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