CMO & Creative Maven Heather Newman Launches Women in Technology Community Site - IT Unity

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of launching a Women in Technology Community Site on  I am co-curating with an amazing SharePoint MVP and good friend Cathy Dew.  There are many terrific long standing WIT organizations and sites in existence and we have many of them listed on our resources section of the IT Unity WIT site.  We felt that the women of our community needed a place along side all the great work IT Unity is doing to bring together the business solutions and technology of Microsoft into a one stop shop content collective.  Many thanks to Dan Holme and Jackie Baillie for supporting this effort.

There are seven great articles up on the site, please check them out and I encourage you to sign up to write and share your story.  We need your voices and thoughts. 


Official Press Release

IT Unity Women in Technology Community Site

Heather's Intro Article