Aloha! Content Panda Rides the SharePoint (Friday) Saturday Honolulu Wave

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Last week our Content Panda team (me, Heather and Mike) joined together in Oahu for SharePoint (Friday) Saturday Honolulu hosted at the Pacific Center for Advance Technical Training.  We then popped over to Maui where I just moved in November for a heads down business planning weekend.  We are thrilled to have been a Bronze sponsor to support my new local Hawaiian Island neighbors. With Heather in Sebastopol (Sonoma County, CA) and Mike in Vancouver, BC, Canada and me in Maui, we aren’t often together in person to talk shop and this seemed like the perfect excuse to get together.

Aloha! Content Panda Rides the SharePoint Wave

Heather connected us the day before the event with long-time friend and Oahu local Jeff Bloom who works for AvePoint Public Sector and has a beautiful place out in Waimanalo.  Mahalo to Jeff and his lovely wife for their hospitality and pupus!  Later that night we got to connect with the amazing Chris Bayot from Synergy Online and her fantastic SPSHNL team that helped put on the event.  Speaker gatherings are always great to catch up with old friends and meet new colleagues. 

Good friend & fellow Maui resident, Microsoft MVP, and CEO of IT Unity, Dan Holme kicked off the event with an in-depth talk regarding new capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365 and shined a real-world spotlight on what it means to be a customer of Microsoft in 2015 and beyond.  Title:  Collaboration in the Cloud: Surviving the Storm.  Dan never ceases to amaze with the depth and breadth of his knowledge of all Microsoft technology and beyond.   He is phenomenal.

Content Panda was featured in the events Product Showcase Track.  Heather and I tag-teamed again to talk about Office 365 & SharePoint end user empowerment and adoption.  We were thrilled to have an overcapacity standing room only house for our talk.  We shared end user adoption stories from our long-time history of working and playing together in and around Microsoft & its partners.  We had some excellent questions during our demo of the product. And it was great to be able to say that as of just a few weeks ago, we have both our premium and freemium versions available for customers.

We hung out at our booth, gave demos and caught up with the other sponsors and attendees for the rest of the afternoon.  To end the day, Heather & I sat on an expert’s panel with Office 365 & SharePoint MVPs and influencers to discuss SharePoint Best Practices.  The feeling at the event was one of optimism around where Microsoft is going with Office 365, though many were in the middle of migrations from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 on-premises and not yet going to the cloud.  The other point from the community was that they wished there was *more* interaction from Microsoft as the “we’re on an island” effect makes it seem like they’ve been a bit forgotten.  This community is extremely strong and are tight-knit and are eager for connection.  A big thank you to all of the attendees & sponsors for letting us in your “home” for the day.

More to come from our Maui Content Panda business planning weekend, let’s just say all of us pandas got some time to think, dream and take full advantage of the sea, sun and surf.


The slides from our talk are available here:

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