Content Panda Founders Heather Newman and Simeon Cathey Get Published!

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin

Released last month at Microsoft Ignite, Improve IT!: A collection of essays on using analytics to accomplish more with SharePoint, brings together experiences, knowledge and guidance from many industry experts and thought leaders within the SharePoint community. Learn how to improve your organization's SharePoint ROI from SharePoint luminaries like Christian Buckley, Loren Johnson, Susan Hanley, Jeff Shuey, as well as Content Panda's own Heather Newman and Simeon Cathey. Whether your organization is getting ready for its first deployment or has been utilizing SharePoint for years this SharePoint book collection is a great resource.

Content Panda co-founders Heather Newman and Simeon Cathey were honored to contribute to this SharePoint book publication. In their chapter, The Road to Awesome Adoption, they share some of their strategies and resources on maximizing SharePoint and Office 365 usage and adoption. Heather and Simeon have been a part of the SharePoint community from its inception and have worked with many companies to help them roll out successful first deployments and others fix unsuccessful deployments. This experience has given them some great insights into what organizations need to focus on and plan for when bringing SharePoint technology into their companies.

Derived from over 30 years of combined experience in the Microsoft SharePoint community, their chapter focuses on planning for a successful SharePoint or Office 365 roll out through understanding the "human factor" as well as an organization's why  and then building a plan around those guiding concepts. SharePoint and Office 365 are tools to foster collaboration and break down communication barriers within an organization.  These technologies are meant to make life easier and if your SharePoint or Office 365 implementation doesn't do that for your end users, your road to adoption will be a long and bumpy one. With any social technology people are the most important part. 

Whenever new technology is brought into an organization, remember it’s the people that make or break it, adopt it or ignore it.
— Heather Newman

Heather and Simeon are active speakers on the SharePoint Saturday event circuit and their chapter touches on some of their main presentation points. Hear their full presentation at SharePoint Saturday New York City, July 25th, 2015. 

Improve IT! is available as a free download from Webtrends  or you can purchase the softcover version on Amazon.