Free Webinar | Simplify SharePoint & Office 365: In-Context Help & Training

Ensuring users have the help and training when and where they need it is vital to any organization utilizing SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online or Office 365.  Learn how to simplify SharePoint and make Office 365 easy from Content Panda founders Heather Newman and Simeon Cathey during their FREE webinar - Simplify SharePoint & Office 365: In-Context Help & Training.

Heather and Simeon will be sharing use cases and best practices as well as tools to help your organization get the most out of its SharePoint and Office 365 intranets. Learn how Content Panda for SharePoint and Office 365 with Support+ Premium content helps you drive adoption, simplify the user experience and lower support cost and total cost of ownership. 

Join them Thursday, July 9th from 8:00am-8:30am PDT and start getting more out of Office 365 and SharePoint.