5 Ways to Create More Holistic SharePoint Training

Training is essential to learning any new concept, technology, or process – and it’s never been more important for successfully deploying Microsoft SharePoint in your organization.

According to recent research from the Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM), 40 percent of organizations say their SharePoint implementation hasn’t been successful to date. There are several key reasons for why SharePoint fails, but the top three were:

  1. Inadequate user training (67%)
  2. Hard to use (66%)
  3. Lack of senior management support (64%)

Training is so important to driving SharePoint success that 58 percent of companies say they will make it a top priority as they attempt to revitalize usage of the platform in the coming year.

With this context in mind, we met with our partners Combined Knowledge, Mindsharp and other training leaders to discuss the future of training and user experience. All the change management and governance work in the world will mean nothing if we can’t effectively show users how they can use SharePoint to transform the way they collaborate, innovate, and share information. More than half of companies deploying SharePoint state they don’t even offer training to users when first exposing them to the platform.

Training is essential, but it shouldn’t be a once-and-done exercise. Studies show that much of the knowledge gained in a training session can be forgotten by students 24 hours after the training is completed. The result is that knowledge workers spend nearly three hours searching for information, precious time that could be better spent completing their projects. Workers recognize that if it takes that long just to find the information they need to do their jobs, they must find faster ways of doing it that may defeat the purpose of your new technology implementation in the first place.


We believe it takes a holistic mix of classroom training, in-context help, videos, and user guides to reinforce how workers should use SharePoint. Everyone learns differently, and any training strategy must take this into account. Before you decide which mix of training is right for you, you need to have a training plan in place. Here are the five points you must include to ensure your training is successful:

  1. Lead with benefits: Explain what users’ work will look like in this new world of SharePoint, and the efficiencies and benefits they can expect in comparison to their old way of working.
  2. Use real work scenarios: Use tasks or business processes that are familiar to your users as a way to draw them into the feature-specific information.
  3. Include your governance model: It’s important to integrate information about the rules, processes, and best practices your organization put into place around the SharePoint deployment so proper boundaries are set.
  4. Create a learning center: Use an internal team site – better yet, use SharePoint – to store training resources such as Getting Started guides and Tips & Tricks videos.
  5. Mobilize SharePoint champions: Call upon your network of champions – the associates you tapped to be your “boots on the ground” to help drive SharePoint usage – to provide coaching and assistance.

No matter where you are in your SharePoint deployment, we can help you accelerate user adoption, simplify support and training, and promote governance. Content Panda for SharePoint delivers the best training available, in-context at the exact moment your users need help. We partner with leaders like Combined Knowledge to make sure you have the best information at your fingertips and reinforce any classroom-style or other third party training you offer to new SharePoint users.

The New Year is right around the corner: Now is the time to make sure you can start the year successfully onboarding users to SharePoint. Book a demo with us today.

Written by Co-Founder and CMO Heather Newman

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