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Last week, we shared with you our latest white paper on SharePoint adoption. It’s a great deep dive into the world of SharePoint user experience and the four phases necessary to successful adoption – discover, plan, engage and measure.  

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There are several reasons the majority of companies that purchase Microsoft SharePoint aren’t successful, but at the crux of all of those reasons is that most of the work must be done before a single person uses SharePoint. It’s not just a communication exercise. It’s not simply a training issue. It certainly isn’t a one-person show, either.  

Successfully deploying SharePoint – and getting people to actually use it – requires 11 steps to do it right the first time.  

  1. Define your vision: What does collaboration utopia look like in your company with SharePoint? 
  2. Identify executive sponsors: You need support from senior-level management to not just secure funding for SharePoint, but to also help motivate employees to use the platform.  
  3. Identify key stakeholders: Who do you need throughout the organization to help you understand exactly how SharePoint could be used in real work situations? 
  4. Define use cases and business scenarios: Work with your key stakeholders to set in stone a few situations (to start) where SharePoint can come in and make an immediate difference.  
  5. Gather your champions: Find passionate co-workers willing to help you deploy SharePoint, engage colleagues, and give you feedback on how adoption is progressing.  
  6. Release in phases: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your SharePoint deployment.  
  7. Create a communication plan: Don’t just send one company-wide email. Work on a multichannel strategy to inform, engage, and inspire the company to use SharePoint.  
  8. Provide end-user training: Make sure users have the right material at their fingertips to use SharePoint to its fullest potential.  
  9. Seek out thought leaders: Not a SharePoint expert yourself? No problem! Find third-party experts who can help advise you as you continue the SharePoint rollout.  
  10. Gamification: Make SharePoint fun! Find creative ways to engage employees and help them learn how to use SharePoint in the process.  
  11. Measure, share and iterate: As you rollout SharePoint, use data and metrics to help you celebrate successes, address challenges, and evolve.  
Download our SharePoint adoption checklist.

Download our SharePoint adoption checklist.

We know that it’s hard to remember more than three things in a sequence. That’s why we’re happy to offer you a free downloadable checklist you can use as a handy reference when you’re taking your company to the next level of collaboration with SharePoint.  

We’re also ready and able to work with you to make your SharePoint vision a reality. Book a demo with us today and let us show you how we can help. 

Written by Co-Founder and CMO Heather Newman

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