New eBook: 4 Ways to Transform SharePoint Change Management

As we are wrapping up 2016 and look ahead to the New Year, many companies will look to adopt the latest versions of SharePoint and Office 365. However, these platforms aren’t the Field of Dreams – if you deploy it, your employees won’t automatically flock to the software. It may meet your technical requirements, but only when users adopt and embrace the platform will your deployment truly be deemed a success.  

According to the Association for Image and Information Management, nearly half of companies report their SharePoint implementation was unsuccessful. If you think this sounds like a process and planning problem, it is: 58 percent of respondents say that change management is the major issue for user reluctance to use SharePoint – more so than the lack of technical expertise (51 percent).  

It’s not simply about looking at your old content platforms and migrating information over to your new SharePoint platform and giving users the keys. While that can be difficult enough in itself, there is a great deal of work that must happen before you light up SharePoint and announce its arrival in your company.  

Short circuit the pain of change management and download our free eBook today which gives you the four steps necessary to successfully implement change management for your software rollout: 

  1. Planning and sponsorship 
  2. Awareness 
  3. Learning 
  4. Readiness and adoption 

Download our free eBook and get started on your journey today!

Written by Co-Founder, Evangelist and Chief Marketing Officer, Heather Newman

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