SharePoint Saturday Vancouver

It was great to attend and speak at last weekend's SharePoint Saturday Vancouver. 

My session Activating Governance for Office 365 and SharePoint Users was so fun.  Thank you for the burst of applause after my demo. The presentation slides are below.

We’d like to congratulate our World Wildlife Fund Adopt a Panda winner Sarah Vollett, Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you for helping us with panda conservation.

We are passionate about SharePoint, in fact we love it and our team has been dedicated to it since it was called Tahoe. Our product Content Panda for SharePoint is all about empowering your end users, driving adoption in your organization and helping to maximize investments you’ve made in your SharePoint environments and in SharePoint training.

We’d love to have our award-winning SharePoint help and training content inside your user interface to be that net for all of those “How Do I?” questions that come up daily for users.  As well as getting those questions OUT of the queue of your IT departments and answered right where users need them, in-context and on-demand. And you can “have it your way” by adding all the great governance, policies and best practices that you’ve spent countless hours creating - directly connected to the items and forms where it belongs.

If you liked our presentation, go to our site here and request a free trial or a quote today. 

We love supporting our SharePoint Communities by speaking at SharePoint Saturdays and User Groups across the country. Mike Thompson, our CTO who lives in Vancouver, and Catrina Sheputis, our Account Executive, will be back up to present at the May Vancouver User Group Meeting.

View our comings and goings and Content Panda Webinar Series on our events page.

Let’s drive adoption of SharePoint together inside your organization with in-context help and training content.




Written by Co-Founder and CMO, Heather Newman

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