SharePoint Fest Seattle 2016

Seattle to me is home.  I am a UW Huskie Alum and I had the pleasure of living in Bryant and Wedgewood and working in the Terry/Lander Dorm, in the International District, and on campus in Redmond at Microsoft for sixteen years.  My immediate family lives in Gig Harbor, WA and I have too many college friends and work colleagues to count that live here.  Simeon, Mike and I all lived in Seattle/Kirkland while working in and around SharePoint and is where we all met so Seattle always makes us nostalgic as we all now live other places. 

I have so many great memories from college and the first days of SharePoint back in the day.  A good friend and colleague Jeff Shuey wrote a lovely blog post about Community called "I Can't Tell You How Energizing it is to Watch this Community Grow" and I couldn't agree more with him.  The SharePoint Community is one of the strongest technology groups in the world, when you say "SharePoint" to another person there is a common bond like you've gone to college together.  It's that powerful.  

There are so many ways to be involved, SharePoint Saturdays, User Groups, MeetUps, Microsoft Ignite, and the larger community SharePoint Events like SPFest produced by David Wilhelm.  Big thanks to the event team for putting on a great event in Seattle last week. 

My beloved coffee shop on Capitol Hill, Bauhaus is no more but I still got my fix at Caffe Ladro and downtown has exploded with new restaurants and haunts, I love Local 360 for locavore goodness.  We even went back to Simeon's favorite hole in the wall sushi place in Kirkland. 

Heather Newman & Amy Edwards 

Our colleague, Amy Edwards of Mindsharp, gave a wonderful presentation on SharePoint and end user adoption. That is a topic we here at Content Panda are passionate about. Our latest blog series The Adoption Story of an Industry Titan, follows the journey of a chemical manufacturing company as they begin their first SharePoint deployment. In the series I share all of the SharePoint adoption tips and tricks I have learned over the years to help make any roll-out successful. Read the first chapter here.

I invite you to come play with Content Panda, we have a free 30 day trial where you can see first-hand how we empower your end users and decrease support tickets.  It takes less than 20 minutes to install and we are hands on with you during the trial to ensure that you fully realize the power of Content Panda in your SharePoint environment. 

Summer Fun Pack

Summer Fun Pack

Book a demo of Content Panda for SharePoint by September 30th and receive a Summer Fun Pack! Get your inflatable ball, foldable water bottle and trucker cap courtesy of Combined Knowledge and Content Panda -  Book now.

Our partner Mindsharp has terrific online, classroom, and private training options for all versions of SharePoint and the entire Microsoft stack. Check out all of their offerings. 

Thank you SPFest for a great event!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer. 


Written by Co-Founder and CMO, Heather Newman

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