SharePoint Saturday NYC

I love taking a bite out of the Big Apple, every chance I get.  What a wonderful event last week at SPS NYC. Big thanks to our organizers!  It was terrific to get to see the new Microsoft Times Square offices and see so many old friends and meet so many new. 

Thank you for attending my session and also being game for listening to some Marvin Gaye to set the mood and get us going after lunch. 

When I first started producing events for Microsoft in New York City we weren’t as familiar with the areas of town as we probably should have been planning the sessions up in Midtown and then the evening event down in Wall Street.

Which as you all know is NOT close.

And I learned very quickly that when it rains and rains hard in NYC all bets are off on transportation.

Needless to say we did get most people on the shuttle down to have drinks and meet all the ISV that were in the showcase but as a young event planner I learned a good lesson that day. 

Proximity is everything especially in New York City.  As are umbrellas.

What's great about our community though is that everyone was a good sport about it and we had a great time.

I'm hoping to come back on a first Wednesday of the month some time to join you at the NYCSPUG sometime soon.

I managed to get out over the weekend to visit friends in Chelsea and Brooklyn and have a slice of white pizza and a visit to the Halal Guys up on 53rd & 6th, two of my favorite eats when I'm in town. Yum!

As you saw I'm passionate about SharePoint and end user adoption and Content Panda. I know many of you expressed interest in our product and I love giving demos and setting up Free 30 Day Trials.

Most folks have a dev environment where they play with tools and Content Panda is a great addition to that mix. So if you are game, please sign up and we'll get you all set.

I invite you to connect with me on social media @heddanewman @contentpanda and if you have any questions about SharePoint, need a connection to someone in the community you don't know please give me a shout.

And thank you again for a great event and the hospitality.  I love NYC. 



Written by Co-Founder and CMO, Heather Newman

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