San Francisco SharePoint User Group September 2016

I came to San Francisco for the first time on a family road trip in 1990 and my fascination with this city has only grown over time.  My father, determined to show us all the amazing sites of the city of course drove our blue Ford Astro mini-van down Lombard Street (the crookedest street in the world) and he did this while holding our very large VCR camera on his shoulder to capture the moment for us and our family in Michigan who had never been to California. No, we did not get into an accident and we made it down without any excitement, but it is one of my favorite memories from our trip along with the deliciously creamy and of the sea clam chowder from Pier 39. 

I live in North Bay, Sonoma County, Wine Country so I come in to “the city” a ton for both work and play and to get to SFO to head out to speak and travel for Content Panda.   

I had a great comment come up during my session, our adoption campaign isn't getting traction... what do we need to do?  I asked "are you really doing everything in the adoption checklist?"  She said yes and then, "well, we don't really have executive buy-in" AH HA!  You have to do the steps, all of them, if not you will not push your campaign through to success. Was a great conversation.

Thank you to Chris Ramp and our sponsors, R3 Interworks, Slalom Consulting, LearniT!, Essention Group and Microsoft for having me speak at this wonderful event.   

My slides on Drive on the FastTrack to SharePoint End User Adoption in Your Organization for Office 365 & SharePoint 2016 are here for your reference. 

User Adoption is a topic we here at Content Panda are passionate about.  

Our latest blog series The Adoption Story of an Industry Titan, follows the journey of a chemical manufacturing company as they begin their first SharePoint deployment.  

In the series I share all of the SharePoint adoption tips and tricks I have learned over the years to help make any roll-out successful. Read the first chapter here. 

I invite you to come play with Content Panda, we have a free 30-day trial where you can see first-hand how we empower your end users and decrease support tickets.  It takes less than 20 minutes to install and we are hands on with you during the trial to ensure that you fully realize the power of Content Panda in your SharePoint environment.  

Book a demo of Content Panda for SharePoint by September 30th and receive a Summer Fun Pack! Get your inflatable ball, foldable water bottle and trucker cap courtesy of Combined Knowledge and Content Panda -  Book now. 

Thank you SFSPUG for a great event!


Written by Co-Founder and CMO, Heather Newman

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