Announcing Our New Content Panda Use Case Video Series – Just #ClickThePanda

At Content Panda we want every user of Office 365, that is all of you, the over 120 million users in the Enterprise, small and medium businesses, startups and sole proprietors to be able to leverage the power of dollars you spend on productivity, modern desktop, and modern workplace investments.

We are fierce about helping our customers get their employees to easily adopt new Office 365 and SharePoint features and functionality faster, to on-board new hires quickly and to finally put the decades-old discussion of user adoption to rest.

Help and training content should be built directly into the DNA of a product, no hunting and pecking, no searching, no remembering a password or links. We want you to be fully fluent in any Office 365 App available.

And we take that belief one step further:

Content Panda Embeds Help and Training Content Modules inside your Office 365 applications. Technology should never hamper progress or slow you down. Technology should allow you to do your job at the pace you want and is necessary.

People learn and take in information in different ways. We’ve found that the fastest way that users consume information and then leverage information is in small bite-sized chunks, especially video. With that in mind we are launching a new bite-sized video series, just #ClickThePanda to showcase how Content Panda has helped users around the world with the following use cases:

  • User Onboarding

  • End User Training

  • Corporate Communications

  • Governance and Policies

  • Context-Based Help 

Feature Highlights in our Content Panda Use Case Video Series

This Week’s Video - Push Content/Communications to Users

Content Panda empowers administrators, corporate communications, and human resources with the ability to pop-up important messages, the first time or every time users visit a page. Pop-up notifications are used to communicate mission-critical information, for example your governance policies that you want users to follow.

Leverage Content Panda’s pop-up notifications to make sure users “get the message”.

We hope you enjoy this new video series, with weekly bite-sized videos about Content Panda. We believe wholeheartedly in just in time one click learning by embedding training and support right where users need it, which is why we partner with Microsoft and Avanade and learn from our customers to set the standard for today's Office 365 user experience. Content Panda is thrilled to have been one of the first to market in the in-context and on-demand content space, to continue to innovate and be a trusted and reliable solution in the Office 365 and SharePoint community.  


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