The Marriage of Theater and Technology | Building A Big Beautiful Brand

The Marriage of Theater and Technology | Building A Big Beautiful Brand

Truths are universal. They cross borders, leap fences and share common denominators. I was thrilled to be asked to headline the European SharePoint Conference Women in Technology lunch last month in Stockholm. We had over 100 women come for a packed house event. After my talk I think every woman who attended either shook my hand, hugged me or kissed me on the cheek, European style, and thanked me for my candor. It was humbling and lovely. 

New Hire On-Boarding Tips and Tricks Using Content Panda

Many companies have terrific on-boarding programs, some do not. Your on-boarding or new employee orientation (NEO) starts before the employee walks through the door. It starts at your website and your careers page and it ends at your new employee sitting down for their first task at hand. New hires must understand your vision and values and be able to use the technology that your company has invested in to create a collaborative, productive environment from day 0 or you are wasting time and money.


CMO & Creative Maven Heather Newman Launches Women in Technology Community Site - IT Unity

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of launching a Women in Technology Community Site on There are many terrific long standing WIT organizations and sites in existence and we have many of them listed on our resources section of the IT Unity WIT site. Learn more about the resources available and to share your experience!