A superior custom app experience begins with the ability to add content in-context

Centrally Manage the Content Panda User Experience

A one-stop-shop to control and customize the entire training and adoption experience for your custom applications

The management console in Content Panda for Custom Apps enables administrators to:  

  • Supervise content creation, modification and usage 
  • Quickly manage permissions and branding 
  • Create content packs for audience targeting 
  • Receive and apply Content Panda product updates automatically 
  • Access user analytics reports 

Control the entire experience for users consuming your custom applications from our centralized management console. Simplify the experience for your IT team charged with supporting and maintaining all in-house, third-party & community web applications.

Content Panda for Custom Apps gives you the flexibility to share this useful information in complex forms, within app sites, portals and anywhere else you want to influence user behavior.

Accelerate User Adoption

Thanks to an intuitive user experience providing help at every moment of truth

Content Panda for Custom Apps provides users guidance to complete their standard business tasks by offering the flexibility to review in-context training materials that matches their learning preference.  

Users can just click the panda to access easy-to-use tools that help them consume content, detailed information and guidance materials. 

In this short video you'll see how you can mix general help and support content with your own guidance and policies.

Content Panda for Custom Apps creates confident users by giving them in-depth, flexible help and training—whenever and wherever they need it. 

We foster confident, self-empowered users who: 

  • Consume your corporate information instead of searching 
  • Rate content to learn what is most effective 
  • Leverage more application features

Simplify Training & Support

Content Panda for Custom Apps brings the best content into focus

Users just click the panda wherever they need help, with no distracting pop-ups, to access a robust search engine that delivers curated support articles and company-approved help content.  You control the content keeping users from needing to submit support tickets.  Empowerment = lower IT costs.

In this short video you'll see how easy it is to deliver relevant help content to your SharePoint users.

Employees can learn as much as they want, whenever they need to— without immediately calling your IT department. 

In-context, self-service support for end users means: 

  • Fewer help-desk tickets 
  • Better knowledge retention 
  • No workday interruptions for classroom training

Promote Governance & Compliance Policies

Support your business processes by sharing relevant information at the moment it is necessary

Watch how easy it is to embed your policies and best practices with Content Panda

Reinforce your company’s pre-established policies by making this information available where it actually applies: where users complete their daily tasks.  

Deliver your company’s own content to users in the same in-context format, including: 

  • Best-practice policies 
  • Document requirements 
  • Embedded help on forms