Here are some of the benefits of partnering With Content Panda

Make money
Earn a generous percentage of license fees. Because partnering with you is our preferred way of selling, we pay higher margins than industry standards.

Maintain and grow your customer relationships
With Content Panda, you have an opportunity to deepen your relationships by adding immediate value and up-sell additional services as they come online. We share the relationship with you and stay out of the way. Be a part of the inside track on what coming next.

Reduce your support costs
Knowledge transfer and training happen at the end of all consulting engagements. With Content Panda implemented, you leave your client with training and support videos and more right where the customer needs it.  With Content Panda directly in the actual SharePoint interface reduces those ongoing 'How do I...?' help requests. With our 'Awesome' license, you can even embed your own contextual training specific to your custom implementation. 

You'll stand out in the crowd (yes, even more than you already do)
When you are finished with a project, you will more than meet your business requirements and tackle technology feats for your customer, and leave them something that helps them drive adoption and extract more value out of the services you delivered. Now you are more competitive!

Sales collateral & support
We produce sales materials that you can easily integrate into your existing sales tools. We'll even help you weave the Panda message into your pitch and practice with you. Not quite comfortable with the product yet? It's all good, we'll join you on the first sales calls and support you through the process!

We are successfull if you are successful!

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