Simplify Training & Support

Immediately on-board, empower and get users up-to-speed answering "How Do I?" questions in the moment of need. 

Users just "click the panda" wherever they need help - in SharePoint or Office 365 web applications to access in-depth training created by Combined Knowledge (world leader in online SharePoint education), Microsoft-approved help content, and curated support articles.  

In this video see how Content Panda helps users learn SharePoint and Office 365 web apps using context-sensitive help to answer those “How do I” questions.

Content Panda for SharePoint & Office 365 helps employees learn as much as they want, whenever they need to— without calling your IT department.

Get those "how do I?” questions out of your help desk with self-service, on-demand help and training content.

In-context, self-service support for end users means:

  • A proven reduction in help-desk tickets

  • Increased knowledge retention

  • No workday interruptions for classroom training


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