Simply "Click the Panda"

Content Panda simplifies the online human user experience by delivering self service information "in-context" & on-demand.

Accelerate User Adoption

Deliver faster on-boarding and higher engagement with an online user experience that’s easy and intuitive

Simplify Training & Support

Minimize support calls and streamline training with contextual help, videos, best practices and tutorials

Promote Governance & Policies

Reinforce guidance and compliance on business processes, in the user interface where the content lives

We've trained over 500,000 people and these are just a few of our customer's who instantly humanized their user experience with Content Panda

What people are saying about Content Panda

“Content Panda’s in-context tools do a great job of bringing SharePoint help and training right into the user interface, where it’s needed in-context.”
— Jeremy Thake, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure App Service, Microsoft Corporation