Don't you hate it when someone tells you something is intuitive, and it isn't?

We do too! There are great training resources available for Microsoft SharePoint and all Office 365 applications. Yet adoption and proficiency of these products fails to match expectations.

When employees leave a business application they’re using to figure out how to use it, they either get frustrated or give up.

This frustration is why we took an innovative approach to deliver world-class training, help, support, and communications to employees the instant and in the “context” of a business application where they need it. Your most important information is communicated front and center to employees in a familiar interactive pop-up that includes videos and visual cues.

After evaluating our options, everyone agreed on Support+ and Content Panda. It only took a half hour to install, and all it took was a short video our customer success manager made for our end users to help them understand how Content Panda and Support+ works.
— Pamela Bommarito, Systems and Project Management Analyst, St. Luke's Hospital

People should be able to adapt to change easily with the technologies available today.


Content Panda Use Cases

Digital adoption is all about literacy inside the business applications employees use every day. With Content Panda innovation, automation, productivity all go up while costs and support tickets go down. Learn more about how turn training and your own help content into a digital advantage.

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Corporate Communications

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Reduced Support Costs

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Digital Transformation

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Change Management


Effective Training


Policy and Regulatory Compliance


Employee Onboarding